Minima is the open source CMS

that you'll fall in love with

So, what's actually Minima?

Minima is a MIT licensed content management system or a blog engine, depending how you define each.

Minima is made for developers and designers, so writing addons and themes is really easy, and all the front end is mostly vanilla Foundation 3.

Even if you didn't understand a word above, you'll like Minima. It's as simple to get for developers as it is for end users. And it probably has the simplest installer and admin panel ever.


So, you want to download Minima? You did the right thing. That's awesome. Your face is awes.. no, wait, that's creepy. Nevermind,

Get Minima

(It's free, by the way)

How can I contribe to Minima?

First of all, it's awesome that you even thought of it. I think I love you... Okay, enough with the creepiness. You can write code and submit it to our Github repository or write addons and themes and also submit them to the same repo. If you're bad at coding/design, you can be a community helper, aka answer questions in /r/minima.


You should ask our friendly community.